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Children see all that is going on in the world around them. Having a special friend that wears a mask at times when they need to wear a mask can be very comforting. 

Woollynns is proud to say that any of our stuffies can come wearing a crocheted mask by request. 


Cara is an adorable little cow with a lot of heart. She has a lovely red bag that she puts a couple of things in each day. What things? She decides each morning - she has a kind of a gift for knowing what she might need. It might be a button and a pen, or a paperclip and a crayon. Whatever it is, though, Cara will run into somebody who needs what she has!
Cara loves grapes, and her favourite activity is making daisy chains!


Todd is a dedicated fisherman... (fisherfox?) He would love to spend all his time out by the lake, in the cool, quiet mornings, watching the sun rise and dropping his line in the water. When he's not fishing, Todd is still a pretty quiet fellow. He likes being outdoors, a quiet game of chess, and warm apple pie. Todd would like to be adopted by someone who enjoys those things and perhaps knows how to make that apple pie? 🍎


This is Rhett.  He is a super helpful rhino.  Rhett is always on the go (busy busy busy!) but he tries really hard to use all of his extra energy to help people.  He can lift very heavy things, or move things.... just ask!  Rhett is very polite and talks a lot, but has a little trouble staying on one topic.  That's ok though, he's just a super friend for anyone and will always be there for you.  His favourite food is berries, and he loves basketball! Check out Rhett's story here


Koko is a happy little koala who loves to jump. He jumps everywhere he goes. He says he likes being bouncy because it helps him use up all his energy! Koko loves cookies and gets very excited if he can help to make them. He is very good at mixing and measuring, and really likes helping in the kitchen. (you will have to remind him not to jump when he's in the kitchen though)


Heather is a sweet elephant who loves to sing. I will warn you right away though, singing in tune is not really her thing. Heather knows, and is the first to admit that she's a bit tone deaf, but there is so much joy inside her it just comes bursting out, and who cares if it's perfect or not! She loves peanutbutter anything, making bead necklaces, and sharing jokes (the cornier the better!)



This is Honey Bear! You guessed it, he loves honey! He will climb the tallest tree to get some, even although I keep telling him we can just go to the grocery store! When he is not searching for or eating honey, he likes to collect rocks. He loves smooth ones the best, and he puts the shiny ones in a jar of water to keep them sparkling. Maybe you could help him find some special ones!


Selena is a beautiful little cat with interesting colours.  All the other cats in the litter were black, but Selena's mother calls her "little leopard"!  She loves being different! Selena has a little trouble remembering things.  She was told once that it helps it you tie a ribbon around your tail to remind you of something.  Well she did that, but then promptly forgot what the ribbon was supposed to remind her of!  She keeps that ribbon there though, and has grown quite fond of it, because she is certain that one day she will remember......whatever it was!  Selena loves to creep through long grass and pounce on people, and her favourite food is chicken noodle soup.


Harry is a very busy little lion who likes to help – with everything! He is very independent, but does learn through example and trial and error, so he gets his paws into everything. Harry enjoys crafts, the messier the better it seems, and loves to give his creations out to his friends. “Sharing is caring!” he always says. You might have to remind Harry to clean up his messes sometimes. He is not the neatest lion and tends to rush from one project to the next without putting things away. Harry’s favourite food is watermelon and he always sings in the shower! To hear Harry's personal Mother's Day story, visit https://youtu.be/7NxG204ToTI



Meet Ester! Ester is a very friendly witch who would love to be your pal. She is very good with spells, but still working on the potions side of things. They don't always turn out as she had planned, but she is studying hard and is determined that she will figure it all out! Ester loves organization. "A place for everything, and everything in its place," she likes to say. She is happy to help you organize your things too. A cluttered room makes a cluttered mind after all. Ester's favourite treat is cupcakes - any kind as long as they have sprinkles! She is a great storyteller, and is always happy to entertain you with one of her great tales!


This is Gummy Bear! He is a lovely red bear with a bubbly personality! Gummy loves to talk and loves company. He can sing, he can dance, he loves to entertain! Gummy spends a lot of his time making up jokes (they need a lot of work) and thinking of ways to make people smile. His favourite food is cherries, and if you scratch him behind the ears, he giggles!


Meet Tina! Tina is a flashy little turtle with a surprising sense of style! She loves large hats, colourful bags, and sparkly dresses. Tina loves to help people choose their outfits and has suggestions (whether you want them or not) about what you should be wearing at any time of the day. Tina's favourite food is ginger snaps, and she enjoys having tea parties with her friends (appropriately dressed, of course!)

Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop, or Lemmy as her friends call her, loves to dance, sing, and rhyme. Yes, she constantly rhymes things. If she wants to go shopping for instance, she'll say " hop hop! to the shop! don't stop, til we drop!" She is so funny. She does so many different kinds of dancing, which usually include a lot of jumping and hopping, and would love to take lessons some day. Lemmy's favourite treat is lemon sherbet, and she absolutely loves reading Dr. Seuss books.


Destiny is a playful little dragon. She loves to play soccer, baseball, and tennis the best, but really loves all sports. She is quite competitive, but is never a sore loser. "Rematch when you're ready!" she calls. Destiny loves to eat macaroni and cheese, and always remembers to brush her teeth before bedtime.


Tawny loves to talk. She will talk your ear off about just about anything. She can come off as a little bit bossy sometimes, but that's just because she knows what she wants and she lets you know! Tawny loves to watch movies. She likes to learn the names of all the actresses and quote her favourite lines. She loves popcorn and peanuts, but will eat almost anything if you let her help to make it! (yes, she's a very hands on little triceratops!) Tawny will be a wonderful best friend to someone special. Oh, she loves to have her belly rubbed! (she told me to tell you that!)


This is Charity. She is a very fast runner, like most Cheetahs, but because she likes to be different she has learned how to run on 2 feet instead of 4! It is quite a sight to see. Charity loves to be around lots of people, she is very social, and has hundreds of jokes to tell you. Well, they don't always make sense, but Charity laughs at her own jokes, which makes everybody else laugh too! After the day winds down, there is nothing Charity likes more than some quiet snuggles and a glass of warm milk. Her favourite food, by the way, is cheese!


Hi, my name is Jamie!  I love skating and sledding and all things winter!  I keep myself busy in the other months, but when winter comes I am one happy snow bunny!  My favourite food is rice crispys, I love the sound they make.  It's like when the leaves crunch under your feet when winter is almost here!  I am a super hopper - I'll teach you my secret if you want.  We can hop everywhere together! 


Hi, my name is Rowan!  I love racing and all sorts of competitions!  Don't worry, I don't win all the time, I just love the sport.  I am very good and finding things too.  If you lose something I will be there to help you search!  My favourite food is noodles, yum yum, and I love to read stories.  Lots of snuggles for me, please!


Hi, my name is Quinn! I am a very loving bunny with a kind nature.  I love when you read to me!  I have a little trouble reading myself because the letters get all jumbled up.  I think there's a name for it but I don't know it yet. But if you'll read me your stories I will be super happy.  Adventures are my favourite!  I love to explore and pretend that I find interesting things in the garden or hidden under rocks!  Sometimes collecting them is fun too!  My favourite food is orange slices, and I really love milk! At night, if you could leave a little light on I would be thankful, or just stay by my side and that would work too!


This cute little gingerbread person is called Cookie. Cookie loves to run and his favourite game is hide and seek. If you ever have trouble catching or finding him though, just put out some fresh apple pie! The smell will bring him running back! Cookie is a great friend and he loves to share. He likes bedtime stories about animals a little soft music to help him sleep, if you don't mind!



Kelly is a busy little chick, always something to do. She tends to "mother" those around her and is very good at keeping track of where you should be or what you should be doing. Kelly loves to travel, even if it's just to a place nearby. She says she likes the whole idea of packing, planning, getting out there, and seeing the world around her. Kelly is a great friend and will include you in everything! She loves bike rides and her favourite food is cinnamon toast.


Philippe is a very handsome llama from Argentina. He wears his colourful blanket all the time because his mother made it for him and he loves the way it feels. The weight of the blanket somehow helps to calm Philippe and (as he says) it's like having a big hug all the time. He says that when he has his blanket on his heart doesn't beat quite so fast and he breathes more evenly. Philippe is quite shy, but a very good friend. He loves apples, going on picnics, and if you ever get to the beach, collecting seashells is his favourite pastime!


My name is Pat, and I am what we call a Misfit! Oh don't worry, I like being a misfit, it makes me a little bit different from everyone else. You see, I look a bit like a bunny from the front, but then you see my wings! What bunny wouldn't want wings! And my tail? Well it's great for swishing and I sometimes use it for painting things! I love colour. I have a lot of different ones on me, and my favourite food is pretzels! I love going to new places and meeting new people!


Gladys is a beautiful little sheep with a heart of gold. She is however, a bit of a follower. She needs encouragement to voice her own opinions and not just follow along with the masses. She has very imaginative and clever ideas, but could use some help to stand behind them. Gladys loves flowers, working with her hands, and maple donuts. She is a heavy sleeper, but if she snores in her sleep, just roll her on her side.


Alex is a curious bear who loves company. He will explore anything or anywhere, as long as he's not alone. Alex enjoys the snow, as all polar bears do, but he gets cold quite quickly so limit his outside time or bundle him up warmly! His favourite food is hot soup, any kind, and he loves stories about explorers!


Aubrey loves to sing. She practices all the time, and sometimes just sings instead of talking. If you like musicals, then this is the puppy friend for you. Aubrey knows them all! (and she loves singing along with them) The sound of Music is her favourite, but she is always looking for one with a singing puppy in it! Her favourite food is honey, and at night she really likes to have a night light on, if you don't mind.


Our newest friend is Paddy. He is an absolutely lovely little bear with a shamrock on his tummy. He likes to say that it is his magic power, (whatever shamrock power may be) but he certainly does seem to bring a little luck to those he meets so perhaps it's working after all. Paddy loves to dance and his favourite food is french fries. He likes to have a bedtime story at night to help him drift off to sleep - knights and castle stories preferred!


Safiya is a sloth. Just like you would expect, she moves rather slowly and is never really in a rush to do anything. She loves to be carried around and will snuggle right into you when you do. Safiya loves being upside down and will spend a lot of time that way. She likes playing jokes on her friends and popping out (albeit rather slowly) from doorways or cupboards while upside down. Her favourite food is baklava and (you guessed it!) she eats it upside down!


This is Clara. She is a beautiful reindeer with a flair for fashion. Clara loves to try new things when it comes to clothes and design, and sometimes they work, sometimes not. Actually, you may see her wearing the strangest things sometimes because Clara says you never know when a fashion is just going to take off! Beware though, she will most likely enlist you to be one of her models and try some of her amazing creations! Clara loves peppermint sticks and she has the best belly laugh!


Abigail always sees the good in people, no matter what. Her mama says she "marches to her own drummer", but Abigail isn't exactly sure what that means. She just does her own thing, no matter what others are doing. You will see her just dancing by herself when she's happy, or reading a book upside down because it felt like that's the way it should be done today. Abigail loves pudding, and she says her favourite colour is sparkles!



Dilbert loves science and figuring things out. He is very smart and knows lots of big words! Dilbert loves taking things apart and trying to figure out how they work. He almost always gets them put back together properly. Sometimes he gets a little bit too immersed in his projects and doesn't really notice anything else going on around him. He might need to be reminded to eat or have a bath. His favourite food is waffles though - as soon as he smells those you'll have his full attention. 


Stanley is a cute little snowman with a big heart. I keep having to make him new hats and scarves, you see, because he keeps giving them away to cold little critters that he meets. He says they need them more than he does because he is made of snow so he doesn't really get cold. Stanley is always trying to help those in need. The last hat he had became a nest for a family of birds, and the scarf went to keep a kitten warm. Stanley loves to play outside and his favourite food is candy canes. He will be a very very good friend to you!


Chase is a funny little cat.  His name might be "chase" but he really doesn't like to do much running at all.  "Walking gets you there fast enough", he says.  Chase enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and drawing.  He can sit and draw for hours.  He's not very impressed with normal cat-like toys or foods; he does like a good bowl of cereal though, especially just before bedtime.  He asks that you please make sure he has a warm blanket at night.  His feet tend to get cold.

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