Bulb Babies $25

Black eyed Susan

Purple Flower

Waterlily Colchicum


Blue Flower



Orange flower

Scarecrows  $40


Dean is a brave little scarecrow who takes his job very seriously. He says he is the protector of the fields and likes to show the crows who's the boss! He does have a soft side, though. He's very nurturing and is great at taking care of his family and friends. Dean loves pie and really enjoys riding in the car.






Casey loves campfires, harmonicas, and trains. He's a quiet little guy until you get to know him, but will very quickly become your best friend. He's a peacemaker, and is very helpful in solving arguments or disagreements, but won't get involved unless he's asked to. Casey likes the outdoors and really enjoys picnics and camping. His favourite food is hotdogs (of course cooked over the open fire) and he says he absolutely can't sleep without a glass of warm milk first.


Penny is a fun little scarecrow with a lot of energy. She would like me to tell you right off the bat that she does not like heights. If you would like her to watch your fields then she will do it from down on the ground, running around, - not up high on a big pole like some scarecrows do! Penny loves building things. Playing with blocks is one of her favourite pastimes and she creates very lovely things. She doesn't like taking them apart though, so if you could keep them together for a day or two she would really like that. Penny's favourite food is carrots, and she likes to be very snuggled up at bedtime.

Slumber Pals $40


Hello all! My name is Piper! I'm so excited to be part of the new Woollynns "Slumber Pals" line! Yes, slumber is one of my favourite words! I have trouble keeping awake for a long time, but my mama was ok with it. She would just carry me along to wherever she went. According to her I can sleep through a monsoon! I really need a good friend who will take care of me. Oh, I think I should tell you I sometimes make little grunty noises when I sleep. I hope that won't disturb you. I love my headband and I wear it all the time, but sometimes I turn the flowers to the back so it's just a plain blue headband. I like it both ways. I hope I'll meet you soon!


Hi! My name is Kennedy, and I'm one of the new Woollynns "Slumber Pals" line. I love to be squished, hugged, and snuggled. My favourite pastime (besides sleeping) is going for car rides! I love when the wind blows in the window and you can just squish into a corner and have a little nap. I get a little cold sometimes, so please try to keep me nice and warm. My scarf helps a bit, but I do love a good snuggly blanket!


My name is Sloan! I am one of the new Woollynns Slumber Pals! As you can probably guess, I'm a very sleepy friend. I will take a snooze just about anywhere, and don't worry, you can too - just snuggle in! I make a great pillow! I love going camping and the great outdoors calls to me. I even fell asleep in a tree once.... ok, more than once! I hope we can be very close friends.


I'm Gerri! I'm part of the new Woollynns "Slumber Pals" line. I love soft music, pajama days, and late night campfires! I'm a very quiet friend, I don't make much noise at all, and when I do tell you something, you'll have to lean right in to hear me! That's ok though, I will probably steal a snuggle from you when you do! I love singing. Oh, I don't sing, but I like listening to other people singing. I find it very relaxing. In fact if you would sing or hum me a little tune at night I would really like that. I'm so looking forward to us being the best of friends!

Ghosts $30


This handsome little ghost is named Gavin. He's a tricky little guy and although he doesn't want to actually scare anybody, he does like to jump out and say "boo!" He loves to laugh! Gavin is very neat and likes things to be just so. He loves his bowtie (bowties are cool!) and wears it every day. His favourite food is custard, and he loves to be hugged!


Gertie absolutely loves colour: big, bright and bold. The problem is obvious - being a ghost she doesn't really have any. To make up for it she surrounds herself with as much colour as possible, from the foods she eats to the bright headband around her head. If you let Gertie help you pick out your clothes you can bet they will be the brightest (although possibly not matching - she hasn't mastered that yet) pieces in your closet. Gertie is a very loving ghost and loves to decorate things.

Mermaids $30


Marina is the oldest of 3 sisters and loves to sing. She has a special rock in the lagoon where she likes to sit and sing all of her favourite songs to the birds that gather to hear her. Marina is very sweet and cares for her sisters and everyone she meets. If you need help, Marina is always quick to respond. She is very good at tying and untying knots!


Marina's littlest sister is called Sirene. She is a very smart little mermaid and loves plants. She has a whole garden deep in the lagoon that she tends to and grows all kinds of wonderful things to eat. Sirene has her garden all organized in rows, and gets a little grumpy if Marina or Coral go in there, but she is very happy to share any and all of the things she grows after she picks them! Sirene also loves to sing, and enjoys a good puzzle.

Among Us Crewmates $10

Various colours available.  Made to order.

Pumpkins $10

Made to order.

Positive Pickles $7

Pencil Pal keychains $7  

Bunny babies $30

Baby in a pink bunny costume. Snuggly, adorable, An instant best friend!

Baby in a yellow bunny costume. Snuggly, adorable, An instant best friend!

Baby in a blue bunny costume. Snuggly, adorable, and an instant best friend.

Eggy Chicks $10

Small (about twice the size of a normal egg)

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