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 My creations are hand crocheted and use safety eyes and poly-fil stuffing.

I have many different creations available for immediate sale or available to order. Each Woollynns critter has his or her own name and story, and is made for you with care and love!

To order, please contact me through this website,

email to woollynns@bell.net ,

 Facebook , or Instagram

Pick-up in London Ontario




Woollynns Critters

Gallery - Woollynns

Each with its own name, story, and personality!


customized for different occasions throughout the year


Aproximately 10-11 inches long and oh so bouncy!



Gallery - Miscellaneous

Custom orders that have ended up being favourites


Knitted by Nana

Knitted by Nana

Knitted items by my mum!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place a custom order?

You can request a custom order by contacting me directly through the website or social media pages (Facebook or Instagram).

How big are your stuffies?

The Woollynns are approximately 15 inches tall  and the octopuses are approximately 9-10 inches long.  Both are stuffed with poly-fil.  Eyes and noses are safety eyes (noses). 

Are your stuffies machine washable?

All the stuffies are washable on a gentle low heat cycle and no heat to dry. 

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I absolutely love the crochet stuffy I ordered from Woollynns. It's beautifully made and has so much character! I highly recommend their products to anyone looking for a special and unique gift.

Sarah M.

I saw Mags and fell in Love with her. I LOVE Mags she is soft and PERFECT to snuggle with ;) The Story that WOOLLYNNS gave my Mags was so thoughtful . Mags arrived VERY quickly ! The order process and communication from WOOLLYNNS was very professional . Mags ( WOOLLYNNS ) is PERFECTFULLY HANDCRAFTED . WOOLLYNNS will make a GREAT gift for anyone at any age.


I have a 1-year-old daughter, and she now has a collection of five Woollynns! It's a tough decision each night choosing which Woollynn gets to sleep in her crib with her. The masks are a very special touch, too. I think it will really soothe her to have a little friend with a mask on when she goes to daycare (or anywhere) and sees everyone else wearing masks. I'm sure we will be buying more in the future! 


If you’re on the fence of whether or not you should get your little babe a Woollynns then here’s your push!!

They’re super soft, cuddly , durable and obviously cute!! She makes all sorts of animal stuffys so she probably can make your babes favourite animal. Not only are they just amazing but definitely a heirloom type stuffed animal to keep forever and hand down!

This is one of the must have stuffys for sleep for my daughter now


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Woollynns is a small business in London, Ontario, dedicated to creating handmade crochet stuffies that bring joy and warmth to every home. My passion for crafting unique and lovable creations drives everything I do.

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